Lightning strike causes communications outage

Problems resolved Friday evening

On Thursday afternoon a major electrical storm took place near St. Marks. An apparent lightning strike tripped a major circuit breaker in the CLC and apparently damaged one of the HVAC units as well, although three of the four HVAC units restarted fine after the breaker was reset. I currently have no additional information on the fourth unit.

The same lightning strike damaged a piece of equipment belonging to Spectrum, our Internet and phone service provider, taking down both. Spectrum came to the church late this afternoon and resolved the problem and phones and Internet are now working as they should.

Thanks to John Mainwaring for dealing with this and meeting the Spectrum service staff and staying there while they resolved the problem.

If you have any questions please let me know.

David Both

We celebrate Pentecost on June 9; a picnic follows

  The Day of Pentecost marks the work of the Holy Spirit among the early Christian community in forming and shaping the Church amidst a variety of believers with diverse tongues and backgrounds gathered to discern the message of Jesus.  
  This festive day marks the completion of the Great Fifty Days. It is an occasion in which the entire community should be together as we renew our baptismal vows, commission our wardens of the Vestry and bless those who will be going on pilgrimage to New York. Therefore, we will have one service at 10:30 am June 9 followed by a church picnic. Hamburgers and hotdogs along with the toppings will be provided. Just bring your favorite picnic side dish to share and have a great time of fun and fellowship. If you are visiting St. Mark’s, no food contribution is needed! Just join us. 

  Hypo-allergenic incense will be used at this service.

Reception Sunday opens photography exhibit

Please join us at 1 pm this Sunday, May 5, for a reception for and presentation by Titus Brooks Heagins of Durham.

Heagins is a renowned documentary photographer whose photographs depict ordinary people of all ages.  His belief that everyone has a story is captured in his photography.  Heagins’ work seeks to visually describe unknown, hidden or forbidden aspects of the lives of persons typically described as “others” who have very little cultural or social capital.  His work is about the spaces they lay claim to, even if the space is their own bodies.

The photo exhibit in our Community Life Center runs through June. Read and see more about Heagins’ work at

Finding, accessing God’s work of resurrection in our own lives

As we begin the Great Fifty Days of Easter and revel in the joy of the Resurrection, we might wonder how we can locate and access God’s work of resurrection in our own lives. Fr. Tyrone will lead our adult formation class at 9:30 am this Sunday, April 28, in discussion that will build on his Easter sermon last Sunday.  In preparation for this session, you are encouraged to listen again to his sermon at .

Calling all young artists: Help us make a mural

  Youth, ages 8 to 18, and adult volunteers are invited to participate in the painting of an outdoor mural at Wilders Grove Youth Center (behind St. Mark’s).
  Raleigh-based professional artist Jennifer A. Wood will oversee the creation. There is no fee.
  Join us from 4 to 7 pm on May 4 and 5 and May 18 and 19. A light meal will be served to painters at 6:30 pm. No experience or special talent is required.
  Sign up in our Community Life Center, beside the kitchen, above the coffee mugs.

Social Action has big plans; hear them this Sunday, April 28

These are exciting times for Social Action at St. Mark’s, and we would love to have you join us for a meeting this Sunday, April 28 at 12:15 pm in Room 5 of the CLC.
  We are especially energized about the Outdoor Mural Project at Wilders Grove Youth Center (directly behind St. Mark’s) in which St. Mark’s is heavily involved. Come and find out more about this unique opportunity and how it addresses St. Mark’s goal of racial reconciliation, community involvement, the needs of our neighbors, and outreach. Learn how you and your family members can be involved and contribute to the success of the project.
  April is our final meeting of Social Action before we all scatter for summer activities. Even though summer is coming, the needs of our community and neighborhood don’t stop, so we will also be discussing ways in which we can address these needs through neighborhood food trucks and a community garden. We welcome new suggestions as to how we can involve our St. Mark’s family in additional summer outreach activities.

What’s coming up?
  Looking ahead to the fall, we also welcome your thoughts regarding new activities and the continuation of partnership programs with Wilburn Elementary, including our highly successful Literacy Program, Read and Feed.
  If you want to add meaning to your life and engage in new and exciting projects that allow us to serve God through helping others, be sure to join us this Sunday for a Social Action meeting.
  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Linda Bamford, Lynne Poole (co-chairs) or Jessie Maeck, Vestry Liaison to Social Action.

Holy Week

As we prepare for the deep mysteries of Holy Week, we hope
     you will share and be part of our services and events at St. Mark’s

NOTE: The times of some services have changed. This listing is correct.

Palm Sunday, April 14: A single service at 10:30

Hosanna! Lord, Jesus: A Week of Holy Pilgrimage with the Rev. John Wall
  Adult Formation with The Rev. John Wall at 9:30 am. The   Rev. John Wall will open our hearts and minds to the great symbols and meanings of Holy Week which mark this important time in the life of the Church.

The Liturgy of the Palms at 10:30 am.
  We will gather aside the Education Building for opening rites and process along New Hope Road (weather permitting). We will start our Palm Sunday liturgy with the blessing of palms and the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We then enter the Centrum to break open the Word revealed to us in scripture and the breaking of bread.

Hypo-allergenic incense will be used at all services.

Wednesday in Holy Week: A Prayer and Healing Eucharist, April 17 at 7:30 pm
As a worshipful culmination to our Lenten study-series and of all that would assail our bodies and souls, the people are invited to bring their cares and concerns and hold them up to the light of God’s healing power.  On this night, we will share in a special prayer form and conclude with a time of testimony and thanksgiving.

The Paschal Triduum

Maundy Thursday, April 18 Agape Meal at 6:30 pm, Service at 7:30 pm
  Agape meal in CLC 1 followed by Eucharist and foot washing at 7:30 pm* We begin the Paschal Triduum by following Jesus’ maundy or mandate that we love one another as He has loved us. And we experience the humbling and mysterious act of foot washing. We will break bread together and conclude with the stripping of the altar.

Good Friday, April 19 at 12 noon
We hear the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to John. On the Cross we see God’s self-emptying love and during this service, that love manifests itself in God’s judgment as well as God’s forgiveness.

The Great Vigil of Easter, April 20 at 8 pm
Between crucifixion and resurrection, we light the new fire and remember the story of God’s saving acts in history.  We welcome new members into our community and celebrate the joy of the Resurrection, God’s eternal gift. Alleluia! Christ is Risen.

Easter Day, April 21: A single service at 10:30

Holy Eucharist at 10:30 am
On this day, the entire community gathers to sing, chant and offer high thanksgiving.  For if God will raise Jesus from the dead, then He will do no less for us. Come, let us celebrate together our new Easter life. Alleluia! Christ is Risen.
  Easter egg hunt follows the service.

 Easter Brunch follows worship
We gather in the joy of the Resurrection! All are invited to join us in Community Life Center for fellowship, food and fun!

Spring workday for computers, too

In keeping with St. Mark’s workday today, I will be installing updates on our firewall and on our main server.

Both of these computers use Linux so this should be simple, fairly fast, and I can do it from home as I usually do when working on the church computers. Although the updates can be installed without disrupting the normal operation of these computers, they will both require a reboot. I will perform those reboots sometime between 9:30am and 10:00am this morning. These reboots should only result in outages of about five (5) minutes each.

If any problems arise I will rectify them as soon as possible.

I will send an email when this work is completed.

Update: All updates were completed and the computers successfully rebooted as of 09:43 this morning.

Drop socks at our Sock Hop: Music, food and fun

Join us for the 2019 Sock Hop in the Community Life Center on Saturday, April 6, from 6 to 8:30 pm.
  Music is by Adult Supervision (Mike Acquesta, Frank Roediger, and Lee and Marilyn Adams). Dance the night away to hits by The Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, the Dave Clark Five, the Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Grass Roots, and more.
  Don’t miss this wonderful evening of good old rock ’n’ roll.
  Admission is free. Bring food and drink to share, such as finger food and heavy hors d’oeuvres.
Sock Hop Sock Drop
  When you come to rock, you can drop some socks! Help make this dance a true sock hop. Bring new packaged children’s socks or underwear for Wilburn Elementary. Please see Lynne Poole or Linda Bamford if you have any questions.

St. Augustine’s Chamber Singers at St. Mark’s

Last Sunday our Centrum rang with the voices of the St. Augustine’s Chamber Singers. It was also the first Sunday service for our new director music, Marcia Klinder-Badgley (she was at our Ash Wednesday service). The Rev. Nita Byrd was our guest preacher. A memorable day, with contributions from so many talents.

God and Empire: Adult class delves into Hebrew Scriptures

God and Empire I: Tension in the Hebrew Scriptures
9:30 am Sunday, March 17
  In this first of a four-part series, we will look at the two main streams of theology that dominate the Hebrew scriptures.
  Oversimplified, the Law and the Prophets share a concern for the well-being of the people of Israel that flows directly from God, while the Writings seem more concerned with a top-down social model in which the king is the font from which God’s blessings flow.
  We will look at the influence of Egypt and Mesopotamia on the idea of Royal Jerusalem as the center of religious life and the critiques of that model found elsewhere in the first testament.

‘Living Into God’s Dream’ is Saturday

While the dream of a “post-racial” America remains unfulfilled, the struggle against racism continues. 
  Living Into God’s Dream is a report from the front, combining personal stories and theoretical and theological reflection with examples of the work of dismantling racism and methods for creating the much-needed “safe space” for dialogue on race to occur. Its aim is to demonstrate the ways in which a new conversation on race can be forged.
  Dr. Connie Holmes will facilitate a workshop examining the movements of white privilege to white supremacy, understanding the rational for reparations for slavery, developing cultural humility and appreciating the limits of solidarity while yet becoming conscious allies.

Lunch included; must RSVP
Living Into God’s Dream, led by Dr. Connie Holmes, is Saturday, March 9, 10 am to 3 pm.
It includes lunch.

We welcome our new minister of music

St. Mark’s has a new music minister. Marcia Klinder-Badgley will start with us on Ash Wednesday.
  She writes:
  “From performing on concert stages throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia to lecturing college students as an instructor of humanities/religion/music to serving as a chef at restaurants, cafes and wine bars to serving in music ministry in the Midwest, west and east coasts … what incredible plans God has for us on this Earthly journey!
  “With undergraduate and graduate performance degrees from Luther College and Arizona State University, I have been privileged to serve as director of music ministry, director of worship and arts, and minister of music within Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Episcopal churches.
  “It is with great excitement that I join the staff of St. Mark’s and look forward to meeting you all!”
  Big thanks to Beth Frazier and Robert Burton for stepping in during our long period without a permanent music minister.

Lenten study begins March 13

How can we begin to look at racism beyond simply bemoaning the burden placed upon the backs of people of color but the work that whites must make conscious to face and overcome their complicity in it?
  This year, our Lenten Study series will feature the critical work White Fragility by Robin Deangelo.  
  Deangelo writes: “White people in the U.S. live in a racially insular social environment. This insulation builds our expectations for racial comfort while at the same time lowering our stamina for enduring racial stress. I term this lack of racial stamina “White Fragility.” White Fragility is a state in which even a minimal challenge to the white position becomes intolerable, triggering defensive responses. These responses reinstate white racial equilibrium and maintain white control. Those who see themselves as ‘the choir’ can be particularly challenging, for we tend to focus on ‘evidence of our advancement’ rather than reach for humility and continually grapple with how to engage in intentional action.”

6:45 Light meal

7:30 Presentation
 and discussion    

8:50 Compline

This Sunday, March 10, St. Aug’s Chamber Singers perform

You will want to be at St. Mark’s on Sunday, March 10, when our parish will host the Chamber Singers from Saint Augustine’s University.
  The group will perform sacred music at our 10:30 service on the First Sunday in Lent along with their chaplain, the Rev. Nita Byrd, who will preach.
  St. Aug’s is one of the few remaining HBCUs (Historic Black Colleges and Universities) founded by the Episcopal Church.
  To celebrate the hard work that their president, faculty, staff and students performed in overcoming some of the university’s recent challenges, our plate offering will be in support of St. Aug’s.