Guest Speaker Feb. 2, 2014, at 9:30 am New Voting Regulations

     This Sunday during our Christian education hour, Nancy Moxley, with non-partisan Democracy North Carolina, will speak about the new laws pertaining to voting passed by the N.C. legislature in 2013.  
   These laws require voters to have a proper identification, no longer provides for straight-party voting, and ends same-day registration. 
   Nancy will inform us about this new law and advise us on ways we can work as a faith community to ensure that persons eligible to vote are registered and educated about this new law.
Register to vote
During Community Time, representatives from non-partisan “Souls to the Polls” will have voter registration forms available for all persons who would like to register to vote. You do not have to have an identification card to register, but a driver’s license is useful. If you have had a change of address or name change since you voted last, you will be able to make those changes at this time.

System Maintenance Completed

The planned maintenance of the St. Mark’s computers and network has been completed as of about 3:00PM Saturday.

All Email issues have been fixed. The problem was not an issue with your emails getting to the church, it was with attempting to send emails from the church. Outbound emails were being dropped during testing. Since the church staff was not at church yesterday or today, this did not affect the Rector’s ability to communicate with church members. Lorraine could still receive your emails sent to her St. Mark’s address and respond on her personal devices.

The only time your emails would not have been delivered to the church were during the time from about 9AM to about 3:15PM when the email server was turned back on. This was expected although the outage took longer than I had hoped. All emails sent to the church during that time would have been delayed and delivered when the server email service was restored or soon thereafter. No emails should have been lost or discarded.

St. Mark’s now has a secure wireless network in the main building. The coverage extends into the concourse and the sanctuary. This wireless does not extend to the CLC and work continues to provide wireless there. The wireless network is password protected to prevent unauthorized usage and the password will be changed from time to time.

There is more work to be performed before all of our planned changes have been completed. Over the next days and weeks your St. Mark’s system administrators will be working to move the email and web services from the old server to one of the retasked computers with more capabilities than the current one. This work may create very short, momentary service outages for email and the web site as the actual changeovers are made.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

David Both
System Administrator
St. Marks Episcopal Church
Raleigh, NC

Maintenance mostly finished – some email issues remain

After our system and network maintenance today, most things are working, including the web site. We are still experiencing problems with email. Most email seems to arrive at the church as expected, but some does not. I am currently working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the rector may be delayed in responding to your emails.

We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this problem and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update on Computer Server Maintenance

As of late this afternoon the church staff can receive e-mails at their church addresses but cannot reply/send out e-mails from those addresses.  Our IT volunteer team hopes to have this resolved by Sat. 1/25/14.  In the event of a pastoral emergency, please telephone the Rector.  Thanks for your patience.

Computer and network maintenance Friday, January 24

Your St. Mark’s network and computer system administration team will be performing maintenance on the St. Mark’s network this Friday, January 24 between 9AM and 2PM. The church web site and email (including the list server) will be unavailable for major portions of that time.

We chose Friday because the church is not staffed on that day. The rector will not have access to the church email during that time either so please use alternate means of communication in the case of pastoral emergencies.

We will be performing the following tasks during the specified maintenance outage.

  • Install the retasked computers that were replaced by new ones purchased and installed late last year.
  • One computer will be used as a firewall. The existing server has a firewall of its own but this will make our network and church data more secure.
  • The other computer will be used as a replacement for our current server. Those functions, the web server, email server and list server will not be migrated on Friday, but the work we do Friday will allow us to easily migrate those server tasks to the new server over the following few days.
  • Install faster internal network switches to speed printing and make backups faster by a factor of 10x.
  • Create a separate guest network to further secure our internal network.
  • Install secured WiFi as part of the guest network for the main office area. Due to the substantial nature of the St. Mark’s building, it is not clear whether this WiFi will be available at any reasonable strength in the concourse or the sanctuary. It will definitely *not* reach the CLC or Ed buildings. Work is on-going to bring secure WiFi to the CLC.

We thank you for your patience during this work.

Your System Administrators

David Both
System Administrator
St. Marks Episcopal Church
Raleigh, NC


We at St. Mark’s extend our heartfelt prayers for God’s blessing upon one and all.  May the peace of God be in our hearts and minds and souls this day and all the year long.  For those whose tradition includes a celebration of Christmas, may these coming twelve days be a time of renewal and rest, of joy and rejoicing.

St. Mark’s Christian Education BlueBook now on-line

St. Mark's Lion

St. Mark’s Lion

The 2013 – 2014 version of the St. Mark’s Christian Education BlueBook is now available in PDF format for downloading from this web site.

Download our most current Christian Education information, known as our “BlueBook,” in PDF format for a complete list of our 2013-2014 educational opportunities for children, youth and adults:

St. Mark’s Christian Education BlueBook. (PDF)

This document is also available through a link on our Christian Education page.

2013 Christmas Services

Christmas Worship Schedule 2013 (& 2014)



December 24, Tuesday, at 5:30 pm A Multi-Generational Christmas with the Gospel re-told to the children in  story form

December 24, Tuesday, at 9:30 pm Music and Carols of Christmas supported by the St. Mark’s Singers


December 24, Tuesday, at 10:00 pm A Festival Eucharist of Christmas


December 25, Wednesday, at 10:30 a.m. A Christmas Day Eucharist


December 29, Sunday, at 8:30 a.m. The Holy Eucharist


December 29, Sunday, at 10:30 a.m. A Celebration of Lessons & Carols


January 5, 2014, Sunday, at 8:30 & 10:30 a.m. The Second Sunday of Christmas, the Gospel of Matthew, and a farewell to our Parish Intern




Holiday Party at Wilburn Elementary School

On Thursday evening, December 12, from 5 – 6 pm, St. Mark’s and some of the other faith communities of the New Hope Road Alliance will host a Holiday Party at Wilburn Elementary School.  Scores of gifts donated by members of several Alliance communities will be given to children whose names were part of this year’s Angel Tree (or other named) giving opportunity.  Volunteers and Clergy will be present to welcome parents and children to what promises to be a marvelous event!   A sincere thanks to everyone who provided a gift or gifts for a child.

New Hope Road Alliance to Meet

The New Hope Road Alliance of faith communities will have their bi-monthly lunch meeting on Wednesday, December 11, at noon.  Hosted by Yavneh, A Jewish Renewal Community, the meeting will take place here at St. Mark’s in the Community Life Center.