Racial Equity workshop Nov. 8, 9

St. Mark’s will host a Racial Equity Institute (REI) Phase I Workshop in the Community Life Center on Nov. 8 and 9. Admission is closed; 55 people are attending.

We will provide breakfast, lunch and  two snacks for both days; please let us know if you can donate a dish.  See Meta Wilson for details on donation of food.  Thank you in advance.

Moving the focus from individual bigotry and bias, the REI Phase I workshop presents a historical, cultural, structural and institutional analysis. REI believes that organizations often work for equity with multiple understandings of racism that rely more on personal feelings and popular opinion.

Noted human rights activist to lead Adult Formation Nov. 10

Devin Ross of the Industrial Areas Foundation will be the speaker for Adult Formation on Nov. 10.

Ross is one of the three IAF organizers who is supporting the Wake County Sponsors organizing effort. For the last five years Devin has served as the lead organizer for Justice United, the IAF organization in Orange County. During his time there he has organized countywide teams of religious and secular leaders who have won the following:

  • Improvements to 64 units of substandard section 8 housing in Hillsborough.
  • Expanded service on bus routes for working-class families in Chapel Hill.
  • Dismissal of court fees and fines for safe yet unlicensed drivers who had been unable to get or renew their licenses.
  • Doubling teachers of color at Orange County schools.


Portrait of the artist

Lloyd Childers, one of St. Mark’s talented artists, recently presented Bobby Moody, another talented member of our congregation, with a pencil portrait of Bobby and his saxophone.

Meals on Wheels delivery is this Monday

St. Mark’s teams will deliver Meals on Wheels this Monday, Oct. 28.

After delivery, please join us for lunch at Pam’s Farmhouse Restaurant, 5111 Western Blvd., around 12:30. If you can, let us know and we will arrange for a separate room. Join us for good food and good fellowship.

Joanne and Carl Bass

Two chances to support students at Wilburn Elementary School!

  • Holiday Gifts! Once again we have the chance to brighten the holiday for students identified by the school social worker. The names of 50 children and their wish lists will be available at a table in the Concourse on Sunday, Nov. 3, after the 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. worship services. Each child will receive 2 gifts: a new toy, and a new book. Wrapped and tagged gifts should be brought to church on Sunday, Dec. 1. You may also sign up to join the fun at the Holiday Party hosted at Wilburn by New Hope Road Alliance on Monday, Dec 9 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Book Fair! Also once again, parishioners are invited to volunteer for the annual book fair in the school library from Nov 1-7. This is a great way to get inside the school and see the good work being done. For details and to sign up for a short shift, go here. We need at least 2 volunteers per time slot to be filled for the book fair.

Our Concourse art gallery is open

Kenyan artist’s work now on display

The works of Ancent Soi, one of the finest Kenyan contemporary self-taught artists, are now featured in the Concourse

Early in the summer, a few generous members provided financial support toward the costly cleaning and repainting of the Concourse. Plans for keeping the artwork secure are also under way. But additional lighting is still needed to complete this project for which we want to raise $4,500. The Visual Arts Committee is inviting you to support this endeavor this coming Sunday.

Checks may be made payable to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church with “Art Gallery” in the memo line. As we continue the renovation of our entry space, we are excited at the possibilities of what can emerge.

Thank you for your support!

Racial Reconciliation Book Club resumes with a film

Sunday Oct. 20: Racial Reconciliation Book Club resumes with a film!  12:15 -1:30 p.m in CLC 7.

See a half-hour episode from CBS’s sit-com “The Neighborhood,” first aired April 22. 2019.  There’s plenty to discuss about the characters’ different responses in a racially charged situation.  Grab a snack, hang out briefly at Community Time, then walk down the hall and join us! 

For more information contact Rhonda Moody or Jessie Maeck.

Speak Up about Pressing Social Issues in Wake County

Your Chance to Speak Up about Pressing Social Issues in Wake County: Final Listening Session will be Sun Oct 27 at St. Mark’s

These discussions, directly related to our Pillar of Social Justice/Racial Reconciliation, are part of St. Mark’s commitment to Wake County Sponsors, a new organization for non-partisan social justice advocacy which is setting its first action agenda this fall based on the voices of many citizens all over the county. 

Be heard!  Come and talk about the issues which impact you, your family, your neighborhood.  Sunday, Oct 27, 9:30-10:20 a.m. AND/OR 12:15-1:30 p.m. in the CLC More information: Georgia McEwan, Rhonda Moody, Jessie Maeck

“Book of Life” remembers our loved ones

Each year at St. Mark’s, we remember those who died during the past year when we celebrate the All Saints Day Eucharist.  Our Book of Life is an on-going remembrance that we add to each year.  Look for our Book of Life in the Concourse in which you can print your deceased friends’ and loved ones’ names prior to this year’s service on Nov. 3, 2019. 

Please only include names of those who have died in the past five years (2014-2019)”

Jazz Brunch

Saturday, October 5, 11 am to 1 pm

Celebrating God’s abundance

Stewardship Campaign Kickoff

Speaker: Maureen Cullins

Music: Ben Palmer Trio


Grant requests to be accepted through Nov. 3

St. Mark’s has funds to award in Community Outreach Grants for 2019. If you regularly volunteer for a nonprofit organization that could benefit from a donation of funds, notify the organization and invite them to submit an Outreach Grant to the Social Action Committee, or complete one on their behalf.

Applications will be accepted through Sunday, Nov. 3. Funds will be awarded in mid-December. Forms can be downloaded from the St. Mark’s website www.stmarks-ral.org by doing as follows:

On the home page of St. Mark’s website, click on “About Us” Click on “Organization” and then “Documents and Forms” Click on “Outreach” and then “Outreach Application” Print and complete the form (it cannot be completed online) Submit completed form with attachments to Jackie McLaurin in St. Mark’s office, 1725 N. New Hope Road, Raleigh 27604 by Nov. 3.

Grant applications will be evaluated mainly on the following criteria:

  • Does the grant support St. Mark’s emphasis on Social Justice as one of its Four Pillars?
  • Is there a strong need for the grant?

Typically grants range from $250 to $1,000.

For more information on grant criteria, or for assistance in getting an application form, contact Jessie Maeck, Vestry liaison for Social Action Commission: 617-549-7285 or jsmaeck@aol.com

Computer upgrade, Friday, Aug 30

Outage expected to last 2 hours

On Friday, August 30 I will be replacing an old and failing computer that acts as our network firewall and router. This computer has been giving indications that the hard drive is starting to fail. It has been my intention to replace it for some time now because it is quite old. It was given to us several years ago by White Memorial so it was already over five years old at that time.

I have already built a replacement computer from one we already had in the office. I plan to start the replacement procedure on Friday the 30th at 9AM. The outage will start shortly after that and should last no more than two hours.

The church email system, including the listserv, and the web site will be unavailable until the procedure is completed.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience.

David Both – System Administrator

Thanks from Fr. Tyrone

I thank you for your invitation and accept the call to be Rector of St. Mark’s, Raleigh. I also add my thank you to our Vestry and the people of St. Mark’s for your prayers and thoughtfulness throughout these past two years. I feel it has been a significant time of growth for all of us.

As we continue our work to create community through faith, justice and the arts, I am excited for the numerous ways that our lives can flourish as we engage our neighbors and receive the gifts of visitors and new friends. I look forward to continuing the good work we’ve started in deepening our spirituality, pursuing racial reconciliation and embracing the arts as a tool for community empowerment.

Though the challenges ahead are numerous, together and with the help of God, we can live into the dream that God has for St. Mark’s.

The Rev. Tyrone Fowlkes
Fourth Rector

Fr. Tyrone Accepts call from Vestry

Accepts permanent position as our 4th Rector

Two years ago, the Vestry called Fr. Tyrone into a Rector Time Certain (RTC) relationship. In the RTC agreement we committed to Tyrone being our rector for three years, including a decision point after two years. At the two-year mark the Vestry decides whether to call Tyrone as permanent rector, and Tyrone decides whether to accept.

For the past six months the Vestry has been listening, discussing, praying for St. Mark’s, and discerning whether to call Fr. Tyrone as permanent rector for St. Mark’s. At the same time, Tyrone has been praying and discerning his decision whether to stay at St. Mark’s.

I want to thank members of St. Mark’s for your comments, thoughts and prayers for St. Mark’s, for the Vestry and for me as senior warden. I want to thank you for your prayers for Fr. Tyrone. I am pleased to announce that on Aug. 14 the Vestry voted to call Fr. Tyrone as our permanent rector. That evening I spoke with Tyrone and he is happy to accept.

We have learned a lot in the past two years and in the past six months. We are committed to moving forward in faith, in love and in ministry together.

This Sunday, Aug. 25, Fr. Tyrone and the Vestry are hosting a brief meeting at 10 am in our Community Life Center. I look forward to sharing more information about what we have learned and how we can work together to fulfill God’s dream for St. Mark’s.

John Thoma, senior warden

Lightning strike causes communications outage

Problems resolved Friday evening

On Thursday afternoon a major electrical storm took place near St. Marks. An apparent lightning strike tripped a major circuit breaker in the CLC and apparently damaged one of the HVAC units as well, although three of the four HVAC units restarted fine after the breaker was reset. I currently have no additional information on the fourth unit.

The same lightning strike damaged a piece of equipment belonging to Spectrum, our Internet and phone service provider, taking down both. Spectrum came to the church late this afternoon and resolved the problem and phones and Internet are now working as they should.

Thanks to John Mainwaring for dealing with this and meeting the Spectrum service staff and staying there while they resolved the problem.

If you have any questions please let me know.

David Both sysadmin@stmarks-ral.org