St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

A Progressive Faith Community

1725 N. New Hope Road
Raleigh NC 27604
(919) 231-6767


Name Email Phone
Main Church Contacts 919-231-6767
Rector Fr. Tyrone Fowlkes 919-231-6767
Office Manager Jackie McLaurin 919-231-6767
Newsletter Editor  Bill Dupre
Computers and Networking David Both


Vestry members may be contacted as a group using the email address Email sent to this address will be sent to all Vestry members including the Rector and the Deacon but not to the treasurer or the clerk.


Name Staff or Commission
 Fr. Tyrone Fowlkes Rector
 Tim Rohde Senior Warden
 Judi Mathis Junior Warden, Properties
Jessie Maeck
Debbie Hostetter
Denise Davis
Luc Kerkhof
Paul Bamford
Mike Wilson
Ron Aycock
Hope Ethington
John Thoma
Lauren Kirkpatrick

Other officers:

Name Office Email
Deb Smith Treasurer
Deanna Hill Clerk