St. Mark’s is organized for the purpose of governance and coordination of our activities, and missions, around a number of commissions. The work of each of these commissions is important to the functioning and performance of the various activities of St. Marks, both internally and in our outreach to our surrounding community.

Note:  Much of this information is currently being updated. Items with links are already updated as of April 2017.

  • Missions: We respond in love to the needs of our neighbors
  • Parish Life: We take care of each other. And we love a good party!
  • Communicationsenabling all forms of communication withing the parish.
  • Worship: Enrich your own experience by helping enrich our services
  • Stewardship: The chance to reflect on God’s generosity and how we respond to it
  • Christian Formation: From toddlers to seniors, on Sundays and all through the week
  • Properties: Help with painting, repairs and maintenance – the more we do ourselves, the more money we have for other ministries!
  • Administration: Support for the administration of the church including accounting and office procedures.
  • Technology: The technology systems that support the other ministries of St. Mark’s.

The best way to get involved in the life of St. Mark’s is through one or more of the ministries listed above.