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St. Mark’s has been around for more than fifty years and we have accumulated a very large trove of documents that are important to our history. Many of these documents are in hardcopy format and have been filed away for decades. If these documents are needed, it can take a lot of time to search through all of those old papers.

This project is intended to scan all of those old documents into a PDF image format, and then to store them in a web accessible location so that they can be downloaded and viewed by our parishioners. When the documents have been scanned and stored on the St. Mark’s server, the electronic versions will then be part of our regular backup regimen, thus helping ensure their long-term safety.

Beginning this year (2016), newly created documents will be moved to the repository in their original electronic format.

For security reasons we do not want the entire Internet viewing many of the documents we are storing in this archival repository. As a result, we have implemented a user ID and password protocol to protect our members’ privacy from people who may wish to obtain enough data as a way to perform identity theft or other misuse of our data.

That said, every current member of St. Mark’s is entitled and encouraged to access the vast majority of this data. If you wish to obtain an ID and password, please contact the church office.

Old documents that have been scanned will be boxed up and stored in a safe, off-site location. This will also enable us to reclaim the space previously used for document storage for other, current uses.

Note that the project to scan our old documents into electronic form has only just begun. We will concentrate on recent years first and gradually work our way back in our history. This is a very time-consuming, labor-intensive process so we do expect it to take many months or even years to work our way through these old documents. Volunteers are welcome to assist with this; contact John Monahan or David Both for more information.


These archives are intended to include the following documents.

  • Vestry minutes
  • Church policies
  • Financial reports
  • Annual parochial reports
  • Core documents for Reeve Fund and Memorial Garden
  • Messengers
  • The church Directory
Some sections of this archive are available to everyone. Other sections are available only to St. Mark’s members who must have a user ID and password. A few documents are available only to Vestry members due to confidentiality restrictions.