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Program year 2016-2017

(Watch for Winter/Spring additions to come!)


1725 N. New Hope Road

Raleigh, NC 27604-8304


A Program for Christian Formation and Education at St. Mark’s

Sunday School, Study Programs & Other Activities

Beginning September 18, 2016


At St. Mark’s, our purpose is to help each other experience and worship God, to openly share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to respond in love to the needs of our neighbors.

Christian education is everything and anything happening anywhere that helps the Christian community grow in its life in Jesus Christ and in witness to God. Christian education includes preaching and hearing, teaching and learning, and sharing in liturgy. Christian education includes what we do outside our church buildings, how we relate to our environment, how we offer our arts, how we share God’s story, how we build relationships and grow in love with those around us.” Joe Russell: The New Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education.

Our programs are focused attempts to strengthen our faith formation and growth as we seek to live into our baptismal covenant and commitment to be followers of Christ. We also take into account that other faith traditions are to be valued and have wisdom to share which can enrich our journeys of faith.

For all adults we offer opportunities for Bible study, growth in spirituality and mindfulness, prayer and sacramental life, ethical and theological thinking, and discussion on engaging issues.

For newcomers and others, we offer opportunities to learn basic information about the Church. We encourage inquiry and offer the possibility of personal exploration and spiritual growth with a supportive community.

For children and youth, we strive to provide an atmosphere of love, trust, understanding and acceptance in which they can learn about our Christian faith, ask questions, express concerns and have fun.

Mary Mainwaring, Vestry Partner 919-846-7477

Church Year Kick-off

Join us at 9:00 am on Sunday, Sept. 18 for registration and a light breakfast. A Super Sunday craft is planned for the young and young at heart.

Programs for 2016 – 2017

Children’s Programs

Adult Sunday Morning Programs