Vestry Partner, Deb Hostetter

Commission Chair, Dirk Hart

The Worship Commission is made up of many teams and people who give their time to enrich and enhance our two worship services at St. Mark’s each week. Some volunteer to work behind the scenes and some take part in the actual services, but all their work is needed to bring our worship time together.

Volunteers for any of these are always needed and welcome. Training will be provided where it is needed.


The bread for each service is handmade or purchased and donated by a member of the congregation. Please sign up to provide bread on the sign-up sheet in the concourse. There is training information available at the sign up sheet. Peter Miller is responsible for coordination and the bread sign-up sheet.

Please check our St. Mark’s Communion Bread Guidelines and recipes.

Altar Guild

Our altar guild prepares everything needed for our Eucharist for the two services. Wafers, wine, altar hangings, Bible marked and everything in place prior to each service. Our guild has men and women taking part in the rotation and newcomers are also welcome to volunteer. Training to prepare our sanctuary for services is provided.

Altar Guild chair is Deb Smith.

Flower Committee

Our weekly floral arrangements are done on rotation by a member of our congregation. We have several training sessions during the year for new volunteers. Our new members who are interested in working with the Flower committee are encouraged to go to a training session and are mentored at first by an experienced member. For large service celebrations like Easter and Christmas, we work together as a team and decorate our worship space. Flowers are paid for by the generous donations of those who use the sign up sheet for normal Sunday and donate for our special seasons of Christmas and Easter.

The Flower committee chair is Judi Mathis.


Our music director and organist plans and performs our service music and he enjoys using innovative new songs and music for our services. We are a congregation that loves to make a joyful noise, so we enjoy every opportunity we are given. St. Mark’s has Singers as opposed to a choir. The only difference is they do not robe for their 10:30 service, but sit together in street clothes and bless us with lovely anthems and offerings during the church year. New Singers or musicians are always welcome.

Our Music Director is Allen Herther.


Acolytes take part in both services and we have children and adults who do this during our services. Volunteers are very welcome and training can be arranged.

The Senior Acolyte and contact person is Ed Aguirre.


Banners are hung appropriate to our church season. Using the church calendar, the clergy/altar/flowers schedule the hangings needed and we have several lay volunteers that help us get them hung when needed.

The leader of the Banner team is Bob Ruf.

Liturgical Arts Committee

The committee has been active on preparing a climate-controlled, secure room to store our banners, altar pieces and hangings, Chrismons, door wreaths, and other items used to decorate our worship space throughout the church year. We are still a work in progress and will welcome help when we begin lifting and carrying all the items from all over the campus to their new combined home.

Deb Smith and Judi Mathis are leaders of the Liturgical Arts Committee.

Liturgical Task Group

This group works together to find alternative prayers and liturgies from other sources and also at times will be writing prayers and song for use in our worship service. Their vision is long range and they are usually planning way ahead in the church calendar season for their offerings. They consult with clergy during their work and bring their suggestions to the full commission for approval, and then get diocesan approval when needed.

People interested in this should at this time contact Mary Mainwaring or John Wall.


Work on rotation schedule for the 10:30 and special services. Volunteers in this group welcome people, distribute bulletins, and guide visitors to seating. Volunteers are always welcome, especially young people.

The Usher coordinator is John Tobie.

Healing Prayer Ministry

There is a station provided for healing prayer during Sunday services. All are welcome to receive prayer. See Dirk Hart for information about participation to provide healing prayers. The post of Scheduler /Leader is open at this time.


Since ancient times, lay persons have had the task of reading the Scriptures during the service. Lectors, or readers, assist the clergy during the service by reading the lessons and prayers. One should have the gifts to read clearly and persuasively. Some training to be prepared and understand the passage and be heard in the worship space. The team works on a rotating schedule.

Paul Bamford is the chair of this group, and Thomas Martin is our scheduler.

Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) and Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV)

These are both teams of lay people who help serve the sacraments during a Eucharist service and the LEV’s take the sacraments, upon request, to a member who has been hospitalized, in a nursing home or private homes to offer communion, prayers and cheerful visits. There is some training required. The teams work on a rotating schedule.

Peter Miller is the leader of this ministry. If you are interested in this ministry, see the clergy or Peter Miller for information.