Parish Life

Debbie Hostetter and Mike Wilson, Vestry Partners
Meta Wilson, Commission Chair


The Parish Life Commission includes many committees working on our life together as a church community. It takes many volunteers to make the activities happen and covers everything from congregational dinners to caring for our members who are ill or shut-in. We take seriously our wish to provide a friendly church family that enjoys spending time together.

Volunteers are welcome and are needed in all areas.

Sunday Community Time

Our community time takes place immediately after the 10:30 service. Volunteers serve light refreshments to go with the coffee, tea and drinks. The committee encourages ideas for more fun and would like you to sign up for a Sunday to celebrate or honor someone or something, or just to enjoy the fellowship with the congregation. Peter Miller leads this committee.

Sports & Recreation

This committee organizes many trips to sporting events like baseball and hockey games. They advertise the dates, time and pricing, and purchase the tickets. This allows a group of St. Mark’s fans to sit together in the stands to enjoy a time of fun and sport together. The coordinators of these events are Art Warner and Bob Ruf.

Events Committee

The Events committee organizes many different events that include food. One group plans, organizes, and manages our congregational dinners and potlucks including our annual dinner. Sometimes these events have a theme, but they are always intended as a time to be together.

There is also a group to work on receptions for funerals, weddings, or the Bishop’s visitations. Both teams may work together to plan something out of the ordinary of these two areas.

Volunteers in the Events committee help with the planning, work events, and work on our formation of new ideas. The contacts are Meta Wilson, Terry Wall, Joanne Bass, Deb Smith, and Judi Mathis.


The Newcomers committee takes the lead in welcoming to our visitors and newcomers. They plan for and have designated greeters from the congregation, follow up on visitors, share our guest book, and have created a brochure to explain about St. Mark’s in order to help interested people get included in our church family. We have a newcomers lunch approximately twice a year.

The contacts for the Newcomers committee are Paul Roberts and Meta Wilson.

Break Room Committee

The Break Room committee oversees the heavy cleaning, stocking and general care of our break space. Allen Herther and Judi Mathis are the contacts for the break room.

Parish Area Care (PAC) Groups

Parish Area Care groups have existed at St. Mark’s for many years. PAC groups are organized by the location where a member lives. Usually, they meet every 4-6 weeks for covered dish dinners or lunches and fellowship. PAC groups are the St. Mark’s expression of your church family group that knows and cares for you. We hope that all members of St. Mark’s will wish to actively participate and get to know their church group. The PAC Group Coordinator is Margaret Thurston.

Inreach Committee

Inreach is not intended to replace clergy pastoral calls, but to enhance and supplement the pastoral support that members receive. The committee will provide training information and oversight to those who want to be involved. This is not as involved as Stephen Ministers, but will help with pastoral care for our sick and shut ins. Our inreach leaders are Susan Aycock and Joan Ellen Deck.

Sometimes our members encounter special circumstances, such as a catastrophic event that requires more support than a PAC group can provide. In such cases we may name a coordinator who would identify and engage congregational resources to provide that additional support. Contact Judi Mathis and Mike Wilson to help with this mission.

There are other areas of inreach that work to identify problems and provide appropriate solutions and support. See Deb Smith or Judi Mathis if you are interested in working with the Inreach committee.