Sermons in MP3 audio format

Sermons are reflections on our contemporary lives and how our lives today relate to the writings in the Bible and to one another. Below you will find links to recent sermons offered at St. Mark’s. Our sermons are available in audio format (MP3). We will endeavor to post the sermon each week within a few minutes after the services end.

When you click the link below, you will see a folder containing all of the sermons that have been recorded to date. the sermons are sorted in date order from top to bottom with the bottom being the most recent.  The file names for the sermons look like this:


Where “20171015” is the date the sermon was recorded, using the format YYYYMMDD, and 105242 is the time of day the sermon was recorded in HHMMSS format. The most recent recording is always the one at the bottom of the list. However if you click on the “Name” column heading, you can re-sort the list so that the most recent is at the top.

Sermons in MP3 audio format.

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