Network and Internet Guidelines

St. Marks Vestry has approved a policy entitled, “Computer, Network, Social Media and Internet Policies” effective March 25, 2014. The complete policy document can be downloaded in PDF format:  StMarksInternetPolicy

The following is a summary of that document.

St. Mark’s has been making increasing use of computers and the Internet to support our ministry in recent years. Because it is a common human failing to write things in emails or postings on the web that we’d never say in person, it seems appropriate to provide some guidelines for using our computers and our presence on the Internet.

Most of us could write a perfectly good set of guidelines. Here are some that we have come up with.

Please don’t use St Mark’s computers, or your own computer or Smartphone if connected to St. Mark’s network, for illegal or commercial purposes. Please don’t use St. Mark’s computers, network, mailing lists or web sites such as St. Mark’s Facebook page to send abusive insulting or threatening messages – that is, don’t send anything that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself. Please report any such abusive content to Church staff or an administrator.

If you have passwords to use St. Mark’s computers or networks, please don’t share them. Other people who need passwords can get their own – and  unfortunately, some people might not be as careful with your password as they’d be with their own.

St. Mark’s uses a list server to send emails to the whole parish, or to facilitate communication within various committees or PAC groups. Membership in these lists is generally restricted to members of St. Mark’s. In addition, some of the lists are moderated, meaning that messages must be approved by a designated monitor before being sent out to the members of the list, for example the St. Mark’s News list. Others, such as PAC groups are not moderated.

Remember that it’s not possible to unsend an email. Sometimes it’s best to wait till tomorrow and then keep those zingers to yourself.

St. Mark’s reserves the right to delete postings to sites such as St. Mark’s Facebook page, or to remove people from mailing lists if they are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines. We hope such action will rarely be required.