Lent 4 – Bishop’s Visit

On Sunday, March 14 we are looking forward to welcoming Bishop Sam Rodman and The Rev. Sally French, the Interim East-Regional Canon for Congregations. Don’t forget to turn your clock’s forward by one hour. Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00am Sunday morning.

Holy Eucharist will be held in the Memorial Garden at 10:00AM in-person

*Safety Protocol*

Regardless of whether or not you have received the COVID vaccine—everyone
is required to be masked and follow the normal safety protocols of
maintaining social distance of 6ft. and hand sanitizing.

Registration required. Register here.

*The Service:*

The service of Holy Eucharist will start at 10:00AM in the Memorial Garden.
Bishop Sam Rodman will preside and preach.

Service video

We plan to attempt to live-stream this service on our YouTube channel. This is our first attempt so bear with us if there are problems. In any event, a video recording of the service is being made and will be posted on our YouTube channel Sunday afternoon.