Collection for Neighborhood Food Support Continues Through Sept. 30.

The New Hope Road Alliance is requesting food support for the Raleigh Dream Center, which distributes over 10,000 lb. of food to our neighbors monthly.

St. Mark’s is requested to provide pasta and sauce. The Dream Center would prefer plastic jars and cans, but will take glass as well. At present, the need for food support is large. This collection will run through Sept. 30, 2020.

  • Where: Items should be dropped directly at the Raleigh Dream Center, 4301 Louisburg Rd., right behind New Hope Baptist Church
  • When: Monday through Friday from 2-5. Aug 10-Sept 30, 2020
  • Additional Information: For a full list of items the Raleigh Dream Center distributes, visit their website at

Questions? Jessie Maeck