Helping women inmates rejoin society

Donate items in the Concourse on Sunday, Nov. 17, and continue through Sunday, Dec. 15

During Advent St. Mark’s will receive items for women at the minimum security unit of the N.C. Correctional Institution for Women. Some of the items will go to the Women’s Service Club inside the prison where the women launch projects to assist other women.

This year the Service Club is looking to give toiletry items to each woman for Christmas. Why toiletries? The system at the prison is that each woman buys her own items unless she is determined to be indigent. The items the women get are the cheapest sort and those that are paid for come at inflated prices. We also know that good toiletries are a way a woman can feel better about herself and feel more connected to her past.

Other items will be for Hope Bags. Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women gives each woman who is being released a nice bag as she leaves. While some women will go home to family and friends that can help them buy initial supplies, others leave with only a few dollars and no waiting friends. The Hope Bag says that there are people thinking of them and wishing them well as they start their new life.

These items are for both Service Club and Hope Bags  Body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush. hand/body lotion, small journal, lip balm (Burt’s Bees or Carmex), gel pens. Deodorant, microwave popcorn packages, nice soap.

The following are for Hope Bags only $25 gift card to Walmart, socks, small blanket or quilt.

You can bring one item or several. We will start collecting items in the Concourse on Sunday, Nov. 17, and continue through Sunday, Dec. 15. For further information, contact Sara Stohler.