Grant requests to be accepted through Nov. 3

St. Mark’s has funds to award in Community Outreach Grants for 2019. If you regularly volunteer for a nonprofit organization that could benefit from a donation of funds, notify the organization and invite them to submit an Outreach Grant to the Social Action Committee, or complete one on their behalf.

Applications will be accepted through Sunday, Nov. 3. Funds will be awarded in mid-December. Forms can be downloaded from the St. Mark’s website by doing as follows:

On the home page of St. Mark’s website, click on “About Us” Click on “Organization” and then “Documents and Forms” Click on “Outreach” and then “Outreach Application” Print and complete the form (it cannot be completed online) Submit completed form with attachments to Jackie McLaurin in St. Mark’s office, 1725 N. New Hope Road, Raleigh 27604 by Nov. 3.

Grant applications will be evaluated mainly on the following criteria:

  • Does the grant support St. Mark’s emphasis on Social Justice as one of its Four Pillars?
  • Is there a strong need for the grant?

Typically grants range from $250 to $1,000.

For more information on grant criteria, or for assistance in getting an application form, contact Jessie Maeck, Vestry liaison for Social Action Commission: 617-549-7285 or