Computer upgrade, Friday, Aug 30

Outage expected to last 2 hours

On Friday, August 30 I will be replacing an old and failing computer that acts as our network firewall and router. This computer has been giving indications that the hard drive is starting to fail. It has been my intention to replace it for some time now because it is quite old. It was given to us several years ago by White Memorial so it was already over five years old at that time.

I have already built a replacement computer from one we already had in the office. I plan to start the replacement procedure on Friday the 30th at 9AM. The outage will start shortly after that and should last no more than two hours.

The church email system, including the listserv, and the web site will be unavailable until the procedure is completed.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience.

David Both – System Administrator