Fr. Tyrone Accepts call from Vestry

Accepts permanent position as our 4th Rector

Two years ago, the Vestry called Fr. Tyrone into a Rector Time Certain (RTC) relationship. In the RTC agreement we committed to Tyrone being our rector for three years, including a decision point after two years. At the two-year mark the Vestry decides whether to call Tyrone as permanent rector, and Tyrone decides whether to accept.

For the past six months the Vestry has been listening, discussing, praying for St. Mark’s, and discerning whether to call Fr. Tyrone as permanent rector for St. Mark’s. At the same time, Tyrone has been praying and discerning his decision whether to stay at St. Mark’s.

I want to thank members of St. Mark’s for your comments, thoughts and prayers for St. Mark’s, for the Vestry and for me as senior warden. I want to thank you for your prayers for Fr. Tyrone. I am pleased to announce that on Aug. 14 the Vestry voted to call Fr. Tyrone as our permanent rector. That evening I spoke with Tyrone and he is happy to accept.

We have learned a lot in the past two years and in the past six months. We are committed to moving forward in faith, in love and in ministry together.

This Sunday, Aug. 25, Fr. Tyrone and the Vestry are hosting a brief meeting at 10 am in our Community Life Center. I look forward to sharing more information about what we have learned and how we can work together to fulfill God’s dream for St. Mark’s.

John Thoma, senior warden