Please join St. Mark’s at HKonJ on Feb. 9

Saturday, Feb. 9, is the annual Moral Monday march called HKonJ, or Historic Thousands on Jones Street.  
  A group from St. Mark’s will join with the NAACP and other groups outside the state legislature building for a morning of witness and solidarity in support of rights of equality for all persons.  
  Cars will gather at St. Mark’s at 8:15 am, or you may meet us at 9 am on the eastern corner of Wilmington and South streets (McDonalds) for the start of the march.
  For assistance with carpooling and for meet-up arrangements at the march, contact Jessie Maeck or 617-549-7285. The march is just a few city blocks, followed by speeches and music outside the legislative chamber. You will be on your feet from 9 am until noon or a little after, rain or shine. For general information: #moralmarch2019 or