We will view, discuss film on teacher’s racism experiment

  Our Racial Reconciliation Book Group begins 2019 discussing the short film Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes.  
  Shot in a third-grade classroom in 1970 during the Civil Rights movement, the film documents the provocative anti-discrimination exercise designed by teacher Jane Elliott.
  That spring morning years ago, the blue-eyed children were set apart from the children with brown or green eyes. Elliott pulled out green construction paper armbands and asked each of the blue-eyed kids to wear one.
  “The brown-eyed people are the better people in this room,” Elliott began. “They are cleaner and they are smarter.”
  The 15-minute film will be
shown. For a preview go to

Sunday, Jan. 20, 12:15-1:30 pm
in our Community Life Center, room 5;