St. Mary’s School art show shines at our Community Life Center

The opening reception for St. Mary’s student artists was attended by about 30 people. Many of the attendees were the artists and their friends. Several sets of parents also attended.
All were impressed by the range of interpretations of “Joy” by the artists. The artists were particularly pleased at being able to see all their works hanging together, something they hadn’t seen before.
St. Mark’s parishioners enjoyed seeing the variety of the artwork and being able to talk to some of the artists about how they developed their work given that they were only told that the theme was “Joy.”
Rector/Artist Tyrone Fowlkes spent considerable time talking with the young artists about their work and their goals. The artwork will be on display until the first week in January and any comments you have would be appreciated by the Visual Arts Committee: Lloyd Childers, Bob Scully, Gene Brown, and Fr. Tyrone Fowlkes.