Digging party attacks drainage problems

John Monahan and Ed Aguirre digging the new drainage trench.

Ed Aguirre(L) and John Monahan working on the new drainage trench. Burt Beames is present but not pictured.

The Properties team have been working on many projects around the church properties. One of the more pressing problems has been drainage around the church building. This has caused water in some of the ductwork which can lead to much more severe problems. Ed Aguirre and John Monahan can be seen at left working in the new trench as part of an effort to resolve these long-term drainage problems. 

This is only one of many things that the Properties committee is working on. It takes a lot of hard work to keep our physical plant in good repair.

It also takes money to fund those repairs and improvements that cannot be partially or completely handled with volunteer labor. Your contributions help fund this work and your pledges help us budget for this and future projects.