St. Mark’s ministry to women leaving prison wins grant

Look for an article in this month’s The Disciple that highlights work related to a Mission Endowment Grant that cites the work of St. Mark’s with Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women, most specifically our Re-Entry Support Circle.
The purpose of The Mission Endowment Grant is to establish “the Episcopal presence of Christ in communities in ways that bring the community to see Christ’s presence among them.” A unique feature of the grant is that it allows for partnerships with community and interfaith organizations, requiring only that one participating member of the project be associated with the diocese. In November 2017, the N.C. Diocese awarded the following grant, with St. Mark’s as the party associated with the diocese.
Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women: $25,000 a year for two years.

To partially fund a Mentor and Outreach Manager position which will serve ministries at the N.C. Correctional Institute for Women; First Presbyterian, Raleigh and St. Mark’s, Raleigh. This person will implement an outreach plan for the organization to build community involvement and awareness.
This grant was initiated by our former Deacon, Sallie Simpson, and Ron Aycock, then chair of Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women. St. Mark’s Re-entry Support Circle is the pilot project for Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women and Catholic Charities joint effort to establish support for women released from prison. Co-chairs of St. Mark’s Circle are Carol Monahan and Ann Stokes. Other members include Lynne Poole, Linda Bamford, Becky Brownlee, and Sara Stohler, along with Clarissa Schaeffer (Yavneh) and Linda Burton.