Lent 2018: Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

Lent began on Wednesday, and I want to encourage you to enter deeply into this solemn season and take full advantage of the worship and learning opportunities at St. Mark’s.

Our Lenten theme: Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us, will provide us with a chance to come to terms with our human condition. And we’ll begin by examining the deep impact that structural and institutional racism has made and continues to make within our country, in the Church and upon our lives.

This Lent we can with wrestle with the parts of ourselves and the areas of our society which are sometimes hidden and unconscious—even to us—though nonetheless harmful. Your rector and vestry invite you into a time of prayer, conversation, and learning as we pursue together this major initiative for our parish.

–Fr. Tyrone

Be sure to view the post, Racial Reconciliation: How St. Mark’s can lead for more information on our Wednesday evening series.