Report on Vestry retreat – Classes for Sunday, February 4


Father Tyrone and members of our Vestry will discuss the recent Vestry Retreat. Please join us to hear what the Vestry discussed in planning for our future together as a faith community.

Godly Play: Ages 3 and up

Children are invited to enter the exciting world of Godly Play, in which storytellers share ancient tales of God’s people and then invite our young ones to “wonder” about what they have heard. What glimmers of faith do they hear in the stories? How do they experience God? Where do they fit in the stories?

Rite 13 is for middle schoolers

We celebrate the individuality of each young person and his or her creative potential. The Rite-13 liturgy (A Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood) is the  community expression of this focus.

Journey to Adulthood

Journey to Adulthood is for older youth, engaging them with the skills and critical thinking necessary for adulthood. This three-year program culminates in a spiritual pilgrimage, which involves fundraising projects to pay for the trip. St. Mark’s groups have trekked to the Pine Ridge Lakota Indian Reservation in South Dakota.