Classes for Sunday, October 8, 2017

Democracy for Sale: A documentary

Part 1: In this documentary, Zach Galifianakis travels to his home state to investigate how North Carolina has become a bellwether for how the money of a few has come to dominate our democracy. Galifianakis investigates allegations that state government officials, put in power by moneyed interests, has carried out a program that only benefits its backers. Program initiatives which include Gerrymandering, passage of laws designed to roll back access to the ballot, and others will be covered.

At the conclusion of Part 1, Sara and Hugh Stohler will take questions and comments. This series will conclude Sunday, October 15.


Other Classes

Godly Play: classes for preschool through second grades and third through sixth grade Our children hear the stories of the Bible and of Christ’s ministry to our world. Parents and any adults who are interested are also invited.

Rite 13 and Journey to Adulthood: Youth programs at St. Mark’s focus on building relationships, seeking the holy and searching for answers to tough questions. We take seriously the need to deal with what is real for young people, to honor their questions, and to assure them that they are real people with real, valid, and authentic experiences. We use the Journey to Adulthood curriculum, a program that balances Bible study, prayer, and both serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person.