Bible study resumes on Jan. 9

We wrap up Matthew, begin study of Ruth

Beginning Jan. 9 the Monday Night Bible Study Group invites you to join us as we wrap up our study of the Gospel According to Matthew, which we began in January
of this year.

Because Matthew seemed to speak to the condition of these uncertain times, we decided as a group to take our time to ponder and discuss this version of the Good News.

But, after we finish up with Matthew (likely within the first couple of meetings), we plan to begin a study of that delightful and touching Old Testament book of Ruth.

If you are interested in joining us, know that we welcome newcomers and have been especially happy to welcome a new member who actually attends another  church!

All you will need is a Bible (any translation will do – in fact, the more the merrier, as we enjoy comparing texts) and information will follow regarding any supplementary materials we might use.