Christian Education year kicks off

This is a great week to visit St. Mark’s. Our lively Christian Education program begins this Sunday with a light breakfast at 9 a.m. Classes for children, youth and adults begin at 9:30.

Godly Play classes for preschool through second grades and third through sixth grade
  Our children will hear the story of the Circle of the Church Year and then make their own church year circles. Parents and any adults who are interested can come.
Godly Play is Montessori-based Christian education and spiritual direction for children.

  Youth are on a Journey to Adulthood
  Youth programs at St. Mark’s focus on building relationships, seeking the holy and searching for answers to tough questions. We take seriously the need to deal with what is real for young people, to honor their questions, and to assure them that they are real people with real, valid, and authentic experiences. To accomplish this, we use the Journey to Adulthood curriculum, a program that balances Bible study, prayer, and both serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person during the passage from childhood to adulthood.
This program is based on two key concepts:

  • Manhood and Womanhood are gifts from God.
  • Adulthood must be earned.

Young people in Rite 13 (grades 7 and 8) and in high school will meet.

Class for adults: Episcopal 101
Whether you are a newcomer to St Mark’s or a long-time member, come for a discussion of the foundations of our faith.
Topics include what we believe, a brief history of the Episcopal church, and the Book of Common Prayer.
This is the first of two parts led by John Monahan.

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