Parish Area Care groups: Fellowship, fun and support in times of need

As the Parish Life Commission is strengthening and revitalizing Parish Area Care groups, people may be asking what they are.
Here is the reminder for old-timers and answer for questioners.
Parish Area Care at St. Mark’s reaches out to all members of the congregation and helps them to grow in awareness that they are loved and cared about. PAC members are present to one another through life transitions, giving and receiving love and support. Friendships develop and members become aware of each other’s special needs.
A Parish Area Care Group is composed of families and individuals from a geographical location. Everyone is in a PAC group. Although the gatherings are social in nature, the primary purpose of a PAC is “to respond in love to the needs of our neighbors.” It does not work to accomplish other tasks within the church. Participation in the activities of the group is voluntary.
Every PAC is long-term. If the group becomes too large, it can divide; or if too small, it may combine with another PAC.
Each PAC decides on its own activities and how often it will meet. Most groups find that six-week intervals work out well. The favorite activity is a potluck meal at one another’s homes. However, groups are encouraged to try out new ideas, e.g. a picnic in a park or even a trip to the beach. The Community Life Center is also available for meetings. Children are welcomed. If you have relatives, friends, or neighbors who are looking for a church home, bring them along.