Computer and network maintenance Friday, January 24

Your St. Mark’s network and computer system administration team will be performing maintenance on the St. Mark’s network this Friday, January 24 between 9AM and 2PM. The church web site and email (including the list server) will be unavailable for major portions of that time.

We chose Friday because the church is not staffed on that day. The rector will not have access to the church email during that time either so please use alternate means of communication in the case of pastoral emergencies.

We will be performing the following tasks during the specified maintenance outage.

  • Install the retasked computers that were replaced by new ones purchased and installed late last year.
  • One computer will be used as a firewall. The existing server has a firewall of its own but this will make our network and church data more secure.
  • The other computer will be used as a replacement for our current server. Those functions, the web server, email server and list server will not be migrated on Friday, but the work we do Friday will allow us to easily migrate those server tasks to the new server over the following few days.
  • Install faster internal network switches to speed printing and make backups faster by a factor of 10x.
  • Create a separate guest network to further secure our internal network.
  • Install secured WiFi as part of the guest network for the main office area. Due to the substantial nature of the St. Mark’s building, it is not clear whether this WiFi will be available at any reasonable strength in the concourse or the sanctuary. It will definitely *not* reach the CLC or Ed buildings. Work is on-going to bring secure WiFi to the CLC.

We thank you for your patience during this work.

Your System Administrators

David Both
System Administrator
St. Marks Episcopal Church
Raleigh, NC