Technology work on Friday means outages

The St. Mark’s technology team has been working to renovate our network and computer infrastructure along with the more visible office renovations like new carpet and paint. Part of our challenge in the past has been finding appropriate space for our computers and network equipment, and the recent work in the office has opened some space that works well for that.

This Friday, August 18, we will be moving the St. Mark’s servers from their current location in the Rector’s office into a server enclosure located in the hallway connecting his office with Jackie’s office. This move will reduce the amount of floor space taken by the servers, improve their physical security, and improve the visual aspect of the servers and their ancillary equipment.

This move will take some time, and the web site and email server for St. Mark’s will be down for the duration of the move. We expect this downtime to begin Friday morning between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM and to last for up to two hours. Email sent to St. Mark’s during this time will be held and then automatically sent to our server when it is back on line. Your emails sent during that time will not be lost.

Thank you for your understanding as we perform these important upgrades. Contact me at if you have any questions.

David Both
System Administrator

Preparations for our new Rector are Underway

We are currently preparing for the arrival of our new Rector, the Rev. Tyrone Fowlkes.

The office spaces are being painted – there is still time to volunteer – and new carpeting will be installed Thursday, July 20. Because of this work, much of the office furniture has been moved into the main concourse.

This work will also entail moving our computers for a few days and on Tuesday the 18th and Friday the 21st there will be some disruption to the email, mailing lists, and the web site. Outages are expected to last for two to three hours on each of those days.

So please bear with us and forgive our mess as we work to improve St. Mark’s offices.

Ed. – modified to show correct date for carpet installation.

NOTICE: Services CANCELLED for Sunday, October 9

The roads are BAD, the power is OUT, and the waters are RISING.  I personally saw a tree down on the Beltline an hour ago.  Lauren Kilbourne, the supply priest for tomorrow, had to relocate to Durham because her apartment was flooding.  Other members saw trees down on Wade Avenue, and Wake Forest Road is flooded.

Due to the conditions, I am making the decision to CANCEL SERVICES TOMORROW.    We will reschedule the 9:30 J2A presentation for a later date.

We will try to reach people by phone as well.

Call me with questions.


Virginia Cleary
Senior Warden