Sermons now posted in audio MP3 format

As of October 15, 2017, our sermons are now available in audio format (MP3). We will endeavor to post the sermon each week within a few minutes after the services end. We hope you enjoy this new option for hearing Father Tyrone Fowlkes’ message each week.

See the Sermons page of this web site for more information.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact our System Administrator:

Technology work on Friday means outages

The St. Mark’s technology team has been working to renovate our network and computer infrastructure along with the more visible office renovations like new carpet and paint. Part of our challenge in the past has been finding appropriate space for our computers and network equipment, and the recent work in the office has opened some space that works well for that.

This Friday, August 18, we will be moving the St. Mark’s servers from their current location in the Rector’s office into a server enclosure located in the hallway connecting his office with Jackie’s office. This move will reduce the amount of floor space taken by the servers, improve their physical security, and improve the visual aspect of the servers and their ancillary equipment.

This move will take some time, and the web site and email server for St. Mark’s will be down for the duration of the move. We expect this downtime to begin Friday morning between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM and to last for up to two hours. Email sent to St. Mark’s during this time will be held and then automatically sent to our server when it is back on line. Your emails sent during that time will not be lost.

Thank you for your understanding as we perform these important upgrades. Contact me at if you have any questions.

David Both
System Administrator

Web site and Email outages on Saturday April 22

St. Marks’ers will be doing a lot of work around the church on Saturday, April 22nd as mentioned in the previous news post, On St. Mark’s Day, help us reach out, spruce up and sing. The St. Mark’s Sysadmins will be no exception.

I plan to do some cleanup on the computers. This includes removing the covers to try to clean out the accumulated dust and dirt. I also plan to install a second hard drive in our server to use for expansion of the /var filesystem which won’t be large enough to contain all of the old hardcopy St. Mark’s documentation that we need to store in electronic archival formats. Other physical tasks will be performed as we determine the need.

I also plan to install all of the latest software updates on our computers to provide for additional security and enhanced functionality.

There will be some periods of time on Saturday during which the St. Mark’s web site and email systems will be unavailable.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Web Site Makeover

If you have been a regular visitor to our web site, you will have noticed some significant changes.

The St. Mark’s Communications committee has been working hard over the last several months to determine how to transition our web presence in much the same way as we work through the transition of finding a new rector. With the guidance of the very talented people on our committee, we have made some changes to the web site that we are very excited about.

First, we have changed the look of the web site with a brand new theme. We believe it is simpler while having greater impact.

We have also removed some very old and out of date content and modernized the menu bar in order to simplify navigation of the St. Mark’s web site. We hope this will make it easier for members and visitors alike to find the information you are seeking.

Another major change is that the first page you will see when you visit the St. Mark’s web site is the News page. This means that news about important happenings at St. Mark’s will be the first thing you see. We believe that this projects a more dynamic image of St. Mark’s for visitors to our web site who are looking for a new church home, or just a welcoming place for them to worship while they visit the Raleigh area.

We still have work to do as we fine tune the web site. So expect more changes.

If you have questions or comments about our modernized web site, contact our system administrator, David Both.