On St. Mark’s Day, help us reach out, spruce up and sing

Join us on Saturday, April 22, as we observe St. Mark’s Day by gathering at 9 am in service to our community and to our church. There will be something for everyone to do, regardless of age or physical condition. The morning will end with lunch provided in our Community Life Center. It will be a great family affair and a way to model for our young people ways that we can all serve.

Starting April 2, look for sign-up in the Concourse and during Community Time in our Community Life Center for these activities:

St. Mark’s Spring Cleaning

Inside the Centrum: Vacuuming the chair s and dusting furniture. Please bring your vacuum cleaners that have hoses/upholstery attachments for cleaning the blue chairs.

Outside our buildings: Tidying flower beds, trimming and planting in the Memorial Garden, Covenant Garden and general grounds.

Spring Arbor Assisted Living: Join us at this facility across New Hope Road for a sing-along for the residents with musical accompaniment, lyrics and refreshments. Singers and non-singers needed for setup, cleanup and companionship.

Care Packages for homebound St. Mark’s members: In support of the new Pastoral Visitors Ministry, we will assemble bags with nonperishable goodies, such as note cards and stamps, healing prayers and devotionals, etc. for the visitors to take with them on their first visits as tokens of our love and concern. This is a good activity for young children and those young at heart who need a less physically demanding task.

Carol Monahan

Wilder’s Grove ministry takes shape; dates are set

Wilder’s Grove provides youth programs at their facility behind St. Mark’s. Part of the land on which this facility is located is provided by St. Mark’s. The New Hope Road Alliance has taken the organization as one of its service projects. (Photo courtesy of Wilder’s Grove)

In support of the new sponsorship of Wilder’s Grove Youth Center as an NHRA initiative, the board of the New Hope Road Alliance has voted to match all donations made by individuals or groups to benefit the center. This means that the $290 raised so far this year has turned into $580. Funds which come in this spring/summer will be used to pay for much-needed renovations in the center’s restrooms.

The New Hope Road Alliance is sponsoring three Wilder’s Grove events this spring:

Fellowship Cookout April 1, 11 am to 2 pm. St. Mar k’s will provide side dishes – sign up in the Concourse.

Campus Clean-up Day is Saturday, May 20.

Bathroom renovations A project manager is needed. For more information or to volunteer, see Jessie Maeck jsmaeck@aol.com, or 617-549-7285.

The NHRA is an alliance of six congregations along New Hope Road which have united together with the common goal of serving our changing neighborhood. Meetings are monthly and are open to all members of the six congregations. Join us!

Courtyard renovation schedule set

A schedule for rebuilding our Courtyard has been proposed. This process is dependent upon money, do-it-yourself projects, congregational input, and more.
Fall of 2016: Planting of four shade trees in each corner of courtyard. Spot elevation done around the edges of the courtyard.
January or February 2017: On a Sunday after church, a meeting with parishioners who are interested in adding their thoughts and suggestions to the Courtyard plan.
Spring 2017: Excavation, tamping and further preparation of courtyard base. Hardscaping (putting bricks, etc.)
Spring and summer 2017: Landscaping and other structural improvements of remaining area.
Jackie Warner

Update on Centrum A/C problems

This very important message is from our hard-working Junior Warden, Lou Aiello:

Those of you who tried to attend church last week know that the Centrum A/C was out and that we met instead in the CLC.

I met with a representative of Carolina Commercial on Friday and have a meeting with a representative of Newcomb on Monday. Based on my Friday meeting and a conversation I had with the Newcomb representative, we will replace not only the exterior A/C unit, but also the air handling equipment in the furnace room. This is due to the current EPA requirements that no longer permit the use of the old R-22 refrigerant.

When the Vestry first became aware of this problem, and indeed even before this occurred, as Robin Maycock, RPaul Smith, David Both and I at various times looked at our physical plant, we knew that we would have to replace this unit soon as it is about 30 years old. We also thought that it might be necessary to take down the wall between the furnace room and the north entryway to facilitate that due to the size of the air handler. Fortunately that will not be necessary as the old and new units can be disassembled and the new one reassembled in the furnace room. Carolina Commercial has indicated that they have done this at other churches in the past and we will determine whether Newcomb has also.

In my walk-through Friday, it was determined that there is also a need to trim the tree overhangs around the A/C unit to create a clear vertical space so that a crane can be used to remove the old unit and drop in the new one.

We anticipate that we will be without A/C in the Centrum for about 4 weeks. So please plan to attend services in the CLC until this work is completed. The current estimate for replacing the A/C unit and air handler for the Centrum is subject to change but the working number for now is $28,000.00.

Please know that for 18 months, we, the Vestry, especially Lou Aiello the Junior Warden, and Robin Maycock, who is also responsible for our physical plant, have been taking inventory of our property and buildings and trying to assess the status of our aging infrastructure. Even before this failure occurred, we had already obtained a ball-park estimate from the Newcomb representative in anticipation of replacing this Centrum A/C unit before it failed due to its age. Unfortunately we were not able to anticipate just how soon this A/C unit would fail.

As a result of our continuing assessment, we do anticipate the potential need to update other portions of our infrastructure in the relatively near future. We will communicate those needs as we identify the specifics.

Fortunately the A/C for the St. Mark’s office spaces is now working after having refrigerant added last week. This was necessary because the recent repairs to replace the stolen copper tubing from this unit did not account for the extra length of the tubing on our unit compared to other, similar installations. As a result the A/C unit for the office spaces, which is separate from that for the Centrum, was unable to cool sufficiently during the recent heat wave.

Please contact Lou Aiello or other members of your Vestry if you have questions, and look for articles in the Messenger regarding progress on this project.